Mermaid party

My little p loves mermaids! So of course this was her birthday theme for the big 3! The party turned out to be great but we had to postpone due to the princess becoming very ill (but that scariness is whole ‘nother post).

Bright blue and fuchsia colors were perfect!

Her day started with a day at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique! Where I swear my baby turned into a girl in one hour. We had the same experience for Big P and the same thing, instantly the baby is just gone. But they love it, the whole experience is really awesome. Yes it is expensive but there are ways to lower your cost such as purchasing your own princess dress since there are so many deals. So princess Ariel little p became and the party was on.

Calla Lilly look like seaweed!


For the party I did the food but again my sweet creations aren’t the best so I again went straight to the sources of all things yummy! Lori’s A Sweet Little Bakery is awesome and she really is creative and make the most awesome treats! So Over a month or so before the party we messaged back and forth ideas sending Pinterest ideas and the results were pure awesomeness!

Mermaid tail cake pops! So yummy! OMG!!!
How cute are the octopus cake pops!
Vanilla mermaid tail cupcakes! So cute!
These cookies were so pretty we almost didn’t want to eat them…but we managed!
Clam macaroons with lemon cream!

I used some Dollar Store lanterns and added crepe paper to make jellyfish and blue table cloths for the table to look like the ocean. It came out nice. We had seashell pasta salad, subs, and fruit. Nothing too crazy as the company is the most important. I also have learned I never get enough photos so I had a good friend take pictures for me. Janira is awesome for any photos

My Seahorse tray came in handy in keeping with the theme!

Just some ideas if you are looking for a mermaid inspired party!

Here are Lori’s facebook page for

A Sweet Little Bakery

and website


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