Finding a Clean Energy Drink

Who needs an energy drink to get through the day? I do! Here I am on a mission to find a clean energy drink to help boost me through the day. If you’ve seen my post on Monster you know I like a bit of an energy boost to help me accomplish all my goals for the day. I was getting worried having Monster all the time might not be good. Granted I only have half a can a day and have the zero calories ones but still. So I’m on a quest to find a new cleaner energy drink.

So here I tried two clean energy drinks and reviewed them.  The first new energy clean drink was hi*ball in 4 different flavors. The second was a tea based clean energy drink Runa in 3 different flavors.


Monster Energy Drink

Why not buy a case?
Yeah I kind of got on a Monster kick! I like these ones too and zero calorie but honestly the Sunrise is my favorite. It is hard to find but thankful for Amazon where I can buy a case and save money…win-win.

In the Monster energy world my favorite is the sunrise. The zero calorie orange zest is sweet but good and I can sip on over a couple of hours giving me a general uplifting and steady energy boost. If I drink a whole one it is a bit much for me but I’m not a caffeine/coffee drinker so I like just a smaller style of a kick. I also like the zero calorie ultra which has a slight sweetness and citrus mix.

But while I wasn’t going crazy on it and I really do like the light uplifting feeling I get from sipping on a half during the morning I decided to try some more natural and cleaner type drinks.


HiBall Clean Energy Drink

My first new clean energy drink to try after investigating several websites and reading reviews was HiBall Energy Drink. I usually buy on Amazon once I like something to buy at bulk and cheaper, and find the flavors I like. I did want to try it before I bought it. It is harder to find but after visiting the website and visiting some stores I found a local place and was able to pick up one up.



The grapefruit one is good and really clean. It literally tastes like seltzer water with a twist of flavor. I had one small can and… whoa. It was a little intense for me. Not bad but more than I am used to. It tasted nice and clean though, even refreshing.

I found worth looking more into so I bought a variety case from Amazon. HiBall Energy Drink variety pack was good. It was good the variety. I bought the full size cans of 16 oz. but only drank half.

Sometimes I mix it up with a little Pom juice and make a morning on the go tonic. Overall I really like this one. The grapefruit is great, the lemon-lime is refreshing (think sparkling water with a twist of lemon-lime), the berry was nice and the vanilla had a slight cream soda taste which was nice and a good one to mix with a juice. This one it worth trying but if you are not as high on the caffeine so take it slow. A great clean energy drink that will last all day long.

Clean Energy Drink RUNA

Here is the other clean energy drink that came a lot when researching clean energy drinks. I also had a bit of a time to find a one to try but finally was able to find them at a local grocery store but the vitamin section. I bought three kinds to try.

The Runa blood orange is tasty and potent. if you like orange and especially blood oranges this is a great one. Where I compare it to Monster sunrise this one is all natural tasting versus the sweet almost tang of Monster.

The other two flavors I was able to pick up is Runa Berry and Runa Lime. The lime wasn’t my favorite but with some added juice was decent but I would think if you love ice tea it would be perfect. The berry was my favorite and I could drink it all alone. It had the added sweetness and flavor that reminded me of my Snapple phase in the 90’s. Overall they were all great for energy and on the lighter side of the boost but really clean and natural feeling.

I like this one as I drank a small can (8.4oz).  It did not make me feel over the top just nice and clean with uplifting energy.

All of these in my opinion are great it just depends on what you are looking for. Monster is good and if you drink a whole can it’ll help you survive whatever is necessary! Just take it in moderation and try to stick to a half can to a one a day. HiBall Energy drink is all natural but man it has a kick but no big drop off. Just make sure you are ready for the potency of the kick and it is needed. Or you can just mix it into a morning juice tonic like I do. Runa is really good. I like the subtle uplift and no drop off. It’s nice having a mix of options for energy drinks depending on what I needed.

Monster is great when I’m during finals week in school. For me I need all the extra and focused time I can get as a working mommy running a household.  HiBall is when you need a big uplift that stays all day. To stay on the clean side and I prefer to mix it into a morning juice tonic. Runa is great for a more overall everyday for me, a little more low key.

I usually only take about 8 oz in a day and it usually take me over a whole morning to drink it. For a mommy who doesn’t do coffee here you have my secret weapons.

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  • Do you have any suggestions on clean energy drinks? there are so many out there and I love to try new things. Post your favorite clean energy boost!

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