The Challenge of Creating Hair Masterpieces


I’m trying to get better at doing my little ladies hair but it is a challenge. I’m really into the YouTube era so I mainly use Pinterest. I have managed to do some cute things but for the life of me cannot get a French braid?!!?!?

When you do not have much hair to work with, you can still make it super cute!

You think I would be better at this since my oldest had by age one, I mean already pig tails length not just little fountains sticky straight up. She has beautiful hair and one time it was down to her booty butt. My sweetness donated her hair and I swear it great right back. She dances so one thing I have gotten really good at is buns, well and ponytails…lol. I am pretty good doing my own hair when it long. I can do French twists, chignon, buns, twists and all kinds of things but on other’s hair…ah not so much. To be quite honest I miss having long hair myself because of all the cool up do’s I could do which is a life saver in Florida humidity with my frizzes.

Big P has great hair to create up-do’s and learn. She’s awesome!

But I keep trying to do cute things to my two kiddos’ hair when I can. little p’s hair hasn’t grown as abundant as Big P’s hair yet so we our limited on what we can do on her hair. For her dance getting a bun is a challenge, it is so so tiny! Simply adorable.

But like anything practice makes perfect and I’m getting better and one day I swear I will make the perfect French braid…maybe.

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