SeahorseOwl ~ About Me

I’m a mother, wife, leader, student, daughter, sister and friend finding happiness in the world. I’m working on my masters at Penn State in Psychology of Leadership. I love to post positive and motivational musings on finding happiness in life and at work. My most favorite job is taking care of my family and love to share tidbits that help me to get through the day. I live in the sunshine state of Florida and love to share of places we love to go, you know like Disney World! I look to share ideas with you and hope you share with me. I also like to give reviews of products and things I use and like in life from beer, books to yoga and essential oils. I am always looking for feedback and new things to discover and learn. I hope you find my words help you put a smile on your face and see the positive in the world like I see it.

My inspiration comes looking through

Big P and little p’s  eyes,

the wonders of having beautiful children to light up my heart!

Big P little p my world.
Big P little p
my world.

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