Niagara Falls is Worth Seeing

Niagara Falls Worth Seeing this Incredible Wonder and Connecting with Family

Living in Florida it is hot, most of the time. I think we have two seasons summer light and summer OMG! So for spring break we decided it was time for Big P little p to have a first real vacation somewhere completely new. For my husband Niagara Falls had always been a place he went and we decided it would be great family vacation.

The best part is up north is was on the border line of the end of winter and beginning of spring so there also would be snow! Bonus for Florida girls who never have seen snow. It was really such a great vacation and also a great place for families to connect and enjoy each other. Everyone is not distracted by theme parks and what not,  so you really get to just enjoy each other and a great natural wonder.

I do not even know how to describe The Falls…absolutely breathtaking.

I really am so happy we decided to go there. We enjoyed the natural beauty of the Falls wonder and great family time. We were always on the go but never felt rushed or had to wait in lines. Our little ones enjoyed actually being truly cold and playing in, well almost snow I think it was more ice but they had fun just the same.

We traveled up to Clifton Hill and had so much fun playing in arcades and going into fun houses. The food was great and the scenery even better. We got to eat looking over the Falls. So beautiful! We even went to the museum of Niagara Falls and learned some history on the region.

I highly recommend going behind the Falls! It was crazy feeling the intensity of the falls flowing over you. The boats were not running when we went, still too cold but it really wasn’t a biggie. If you are looking for a great family vacation to really enjoy each other and the natural scenery -go to the Falls and even better in the off season. It was really beautiful and for our Florida family we enjoyed the cold and beauty!



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