Yoga, Good For a Mommy’s Soul


Something I have always wanted to try is yoga. I attempted to try out a class for years but something always came up or I was tired. And this was before kids, ha, what was I thinking. Tired is nothing in the pre-kid zone! So after years of not doing much exercise and then having kids it felt like I was never going to find some me time to create a more healthy exercise routine. When my youngest was about three I started to realize that it had been almost 5 years since I really took time to focus on me. Yes I was eating a bit better and moisturize but I mean I was only cutting my hair a couple of times a year and never getting out just by myself. Well except for my lunch break where I walk around Target which is close to bliss. My husband always encourages me to take time but my time is so limited with our girls I just had a lot of trouble doing it. I think it was fear. Fear of not spending every precious moment with them. Fear I might enjoy the break and focus on myself. Fear I might not know what to do.

But one thing I have learned during my academic quest has been cognitive reframing. So I started working on changing my thoughts and encouraging myself to take time and focus on me. Even if it was an hour a week. It was hard and took time. I always had an excuse or reason not to. Like I’m going for my masters- that all about me. But no focus…me… I want this. So I cut my hair and donated it (always feels good) and went with short hair again to force me up keep with it. Then I signed up at a local yoga place through Groupon and took my first class.

Where has this been all my life?!?!? I felt great! The place I picked was perfect for me. Small, quiet and really a judge free zone. There is no pushing you to do more than feels comfortable with your body. Just support and positive energy to help you with your practice. I am by no means a yogi that goes everyday and often fall off the wagon of even going once a week but I love it is now becoming a real part of my time. I try to go on the weekend with an awesome teacher who encourages us to push ourselves while listening to your body. No I may not be able to just flow into a head stand but I touch the ground in the forward fold and have been able to really accomplish positions I honestly didn’t’ think I can do.

Good thing I changed my thoughts into yoga. I feel better and sleep better. I try to do a little every morning but it can be difficult with two kiddos running around you to focus. That’s why I like going to class. I turn off my phone, I turn off my crazy busy thoughts and for an hour or so it is just me. I mean me in a class but I do not even really notice them, expect when I have no idea what a position is and I need to check what it is. I think the thing I love about yoga is it is a practice. I don’t just get and do it. I practice it. I feel it. I let it be whatever I need to be at the present. I actually focus on breathing and turning off the exterior world. I have been able to bring more balance to myself. The spirit, body and mind are connected and I have always known this but to actually find something that helps me connect it….awesomeness!

It is different for every person, for my husband his mediation is getting a great pump at the gym lifting ridiculous weight. I am not a person who really likes group classes but yoga is different. I’m not sure I would like every class at any place but the place I found is perfect for me. My goal is to continue my practice on top of my one weekly class. I need to plan the day and find time to do it at least a few times at week at home as well. Then work up to daily. Baby steps for me, SMART goals. I know if I make small additions I will eventually end up being able to flow through a practice everyday.

There is another awesome thing I discovered with yoga is my kids like it. They like to learn it too. So what better way to learn than to teach. Will it be my best practice when I am trying to do yoga with them? Probably not but it is still a benefit for all us. I get more practice, they get more practice and we found something we all can share together. This has been awesome as my yoga studio has a Friday happy hour and the same time they offer a kids class. My youngest just turned 4 which is the minimum age so now I bring them with me! Bonus I get another me class and they have so much fun doing their ‘dead bug’ pose.

So if you are a mom like me who has a great difficulty in making time for yourself but wants to find something that improves yourself, I highly recommend yoga. However you can do it. Buy a video, YouTube, or taking a class just try it. I promise you will feel better. I breathe better. I feel more balanced. I have no guilt taking this hour for me as I know I am improving myself.

For those who try it let me know how your first yoga practice went. I would love to hear your experience and share a moment that all mommy’s need. A break to focus on ourselves. For some you already are awesome at working out and may do all kinds of exercise, for me, I am just not the person. I’m not a runner, a treadmill, a Zumba class kind of gal but I might be one day. For now ~ Namaste!


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