Kids Crate- Wooden Bracelet

Yes! Another koala crate for little p. This one was about friendship and feelings. The main activity was making a friendship bracelet made out of wooden beads. It was simple to follow and little p really enjoyed making her bracelet. There was enough to make two.

I really liked how little p got to do pretty almost everything buy herself. The paint pen was great! We have already used it in other craft projects. She had so much fun painting her beads. The crate also made it easy to paint all around with e base set up to.

It dried pretty quickly so we were able to finish in one night. It also was a crate activity that kept her busy enough here I could help Big P with hers. The finished bracelet came out great and she wears it a lot. She also made one for her best friend. 

I really like getting the crates for the kids. they get so excited when they come in.

On top of that we get some great time together and able to teach them to follow directions. They are always so proud of there final product.



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