Loving the Kids Activity Crates!

Yeah crate time!

So we had our third crates delivered and the excitement from the little ones reassures me these crates are doing a great job! I really enjoy my little ones being able to a project on their level and spending the time with them a little less stressed since everything is already there for you.

So Big P’s Kiwi Crate just sounds exciting- we are building a pinball machine! And lil p’s is all about the farm. Ready. Set . Go.


Let’s focus on the pinball machine. It took Big P awhile to accomplish but she did a great job! Before I could even check on her while working with lil p she was already a couple steps in. Fast learner!


It was a really cool project and once she was done she played and tweaked the spinners. She even let her lil sis play a couple of times!the



The finished product looked great! She wanted to wait to put the back board piece on because she wanted to take her time to draw and create it. She worked on that the next morning and we attached. This was really a fun project and I was really impressed and proud of much she did by herself. Not bad for a 6 year old.

Now down at the farm for lil p we made finger puppets, put together a carrying case barn and made a pretend garden. So much fun!


Next we put the barn together. I read the instructions and again she did it by herself.


The last part was the veggie garden. We worked on that one together where we each made a vegetable.


Another fun filled activity with the kids! And I have another one on the way soon, will post after we have all the fun!

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