Legos!!! Best kids toy ever






Raising Big P and little p I have found to buried under toys of all kinds. Sometimes I find literally ridiculous the amount of toys we have. Most have been given and we do a toy purge often donating toys no longer played with.


I prefer to still have the amount cut in at least half. Good thing is most of the toys get ignored with my little ones as they love free play just using their imaginations and few treasured toys.

The one toy I refuse to ever throw our however is our LEGOS! We have all kind and I welcome more. Whether a kit, more basics or a Disney princess set…bring it on. My kids can spend at least a couple hours playing with Legos. They build, play and rebuild and play. They are truly an endless type of toy with endless possibilities. My oldest loves puzzles so for her she loves to look up the directions on how to build certain things (this use of technology is totally cool!).



My youngest just likes to build. She is not into following a set of directions but just goes free style. Just like most kids our two are different but with Legos they can both play together- either next to each other or actually building together.






Legos are hands down my favorite toy and I often sit down and join them building castles, silly monsters and whatever comes to mind. I love such a classic toy that has never lost it’s wonder but only captured the curiosity of minds.



As a note Legos are for everyone. My oldest came home one day and was excited because there was a another girl who liked Legos like her. I told her every toy is for whoever wants to play with it. Boys, girls, it just doesn’t matter as long as you are having fun!





So now it is time to do another purge on toys for a donation. And to make space for more Legos!

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